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Deathly Hollows is a Player versus Player Mage arena game set in the medieval era. Use your quick reflexes and a variety of spells to set your opponent on fire! Freeze them with a Ice Blast or overwhelm them with a Horde of Zombies! Prove yourself as the most powerful necromancer in all the lands.

Warning! Mixing of the elements may result in unnatural consequences


  • Joshua Irish-Donges - Project Manager
  • Jori Wright - Lead Programmer
  • Liam Watson - ETL & Vision Holder
  • Campbell Henderson - Sound
  • Jolon Silk - Sound
  • Nikola Irish-Donges - Graphics Designer

Software Used

  • Unity
  • Visual Studios
  • G.I.M.P
  • Gitkraken
  • SourceTree
  • OBS - Recording


2x Xbox controllers required to play!


Ghastly Hollows.zip 98 MB

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